WTS 70.5m SP Sub cap pilot

Good core skills and excellent scanning skills.

Positive wallet
Remap available
Good security status, no kill rights.
One empty jump clone located in Jita 4-4.
Character located Jita 4-4.

Open to offers of 50b+

Thread reopened.

Honestly mate you could have just said the link wasn’t working instead of copy pasting the rules at me.


56 bil?

60B ready

If there are no higher offers in 24 hours I’ll accept yours.

it’s been more than 24 hours, why not accept his offer? :slight_smile: oh that’s right, you can’t!! because that’s a fake offer… trying to pump up the price with fake offer :-1:

Or you know I have a life and don’t spend all my time on the forum

I will accept 60b

Please contact rui OCC, Corporation: Cyber Violence Authority ,in the game. I will send the isk within 24 hours. Good deal!

Mail sent awaiting isk

account info and isk received, started character transfer now.