WTS - 70M PERFECT CYNO / BAIT / SUBCAP - GREAT IMPLANTS - Paying for quick transfer!

My skills

Armor - 1.4M SP
Drones - 7M SP
Engineering - 4.5M
Gunnery - 15M SP
Missiles - 3.5M SP
Navigation - 3M SP
Spacships - 26M SP
Subs - 4M SP

Mid grade slaves
Geno set!

Had some great fun baiting groups with this toon over the years. I hope you do too.

78K unallocated | -10 | 1 yearly re-map

Will pay ££ for quick transfer - Quick sale wanted but wont sell below extractors.

50 B/O

51 bil

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Can you do 53B and deal!

that’s a bit high… but i will stretch it to 52 bil to meet you halfway

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fair. Your toon!

isk and account info sent. please start the transfer process and let me know. thanks!

Started mate, enjoy

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