WTS 71.3m SP Dread / Fax / BLOPS / Pre-Titan Pilot

I am for sale.

Details: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Heritic_Tanton
All Necessary Skills, ie JDC V

Capital Projective V, Hybrid V, ready for Lasers. No Missile Skills.

Gal Dread IV, Min Dread IV

T1 Triage and Amarr Carrier IV - can pickup other Fax’s quickly

Gallente and Minmatar BLOPS Ready

Could very easily and quickly cross train in to any Subcap you wanted with good skills. Ready to start training for Titan skills as well. Ready to go Fax Alt, BLOPS Bridge, Dread Alt, Titan Alt, all around Alt Alt.

3 Remaps available
No Kill Rights
Will be in Jita.

45b isk offer

46b :slight_smile:

47 bil

47.5 billion


50B offer

Bump. 60B and I’m yours!

52B offer

57B B/O
I wish you to consider my advice.

Bump! So close! 60B and I am yours!



Offering 58b B/O

I accept your offer Seviani. Once Isk and Transfer info received character will be on the way!

I have mailed you account info.

And I have transfered the isk.

Please confirm

Confirmed! Isk and Account Info received, Account Transfer started!

Thanks! Have fun with him!

Transfer completet.

Thank you

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