WTS Dreads/Carriers/All T3s / Versatile and ISK-printer


82 mil sp and 1 mil unallocated.
All Subcaps
All subsystems
Several capitals

Overall excellent character.

Positive isk balance. Character located in Jita IV station. 1 JC in 0.0, 1 JC in lowsec, 2 JC in Jita. No kill rights.

Re-opened from previously closed thread.

60 bil buyout offer

62 bil

Bids noted.

64 bil

65 bil

66 bil

67 bil

Confirming that this is at an acceptable level. Best bid wins.

Any further bids?

Okay, 67 bil it is. Send isk and account name.

67.5 bil

ISK and acc info sent.

67 accepted. Not gonna quibble over half a bil. I’ve initiated the transfer with PLEX (GM support).

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