71,5 mil SP - Supercarrier/Dread/Subcap/Recon/BLOPS Pilot - not far away from Titans


Please offer me.


Will leave corp of course. Positive balance.

Hello again,

I can offer 43b

Thanks for the offer - I will wait for some other offers :slight_smile:

44b b/o

45b ~~~

Still selling?

Yes, waiting for more offers. Maybe I can get a little more :slight_smile:

Still 45B~~

Hey, I am in middle of buying another carrier char. But yours seems more fun. I wonder what’s the lowest price you can get?

I can do my best at 47B. good for 24 hours~

Still good?
Sorry had a long day at work and needed a break.
Will take it for 47B.

Since Cherion probably found an other toon, i can offer 45b if no answer from him.

Hey, I am still in the market. Please let me know which character you want me to send isk to.

Can you send it to Aito Sogereya please? :slight_smile:

Hi Rinaya,
I just sent the isk to Rinaya Sogereya, the character is about to transfer.
You can then send the isk to any character you want before initialized the transfer.
Also the account to recieve the character also sent in-game.


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Can you please send the ISK to Aito Sogereya?

I transfered the character already, my bad sorry.

No need to be sorry, I am the dumbie here! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your purchase! I’ll try to contact CCP as well. :slight_smile:

Oh you are so efficient! I currently don’t have another 47B. I will create a ticket for this. And also I wonder if you can wait till tomorrow after transferring finished, I will send back isk, if the ticket cannot do something special for this situation.

Since everything got a record either in this post or in-game, we both should be fine. Just sorry about the inconvenient.
(Sorry about the confused, previous message sent by my another character)

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No worries! :slight_smile: Thank you for your understanding <3

Thank you !

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