WTS 71m Sub-Cap PVP Specialist

This 2007 character would make for a fantastic alt or even a main to support whatever it is you wish to do in the universe.

It has one purpose: PVP!
Can fly most sub-cap ships at a high level.
Many level 5 skills with a particular focus on ships smaller than battleships. Majority of relevant support skills are at level 5.

Positive wallet balance.
Good corp history.
Currently NPC corp.
+4 clone available.

You also benefit from 3 possible attribute remaps!
You can really maximise its training and take it in a different direction or max out even more skills.

Since there are too many skills to list, please see this skill board link:


Starting BID = 60 bil
B/O = 70 bil
Auction End Date = 15/09/2020

Happy bidding!

55B give me



valid in next 24h

Thank you for your bid! 65 bil and I will end early and its all yours!

65b but isk will be ready later today
call it deal?

isk and account info have been sent to you in game.

I have just received your message. Later this afternoon I will return from work and process the transfer.


Transfer has been made! Think it takes 24 hrs or is it 10hrs. Not sure, havent done this in a long time.
I hope you enjoy it!

A few good things I forgot to mention.

It is now actually 72.7 mil sp! :slight_smile:
And it also has an extra 200,000 sp in the bank you can use

Oh… and it also has 1.2 mil Tribal Liberation loyalty points you can spend.

All the best!


Character has now sold! Post closed!

you sold this toon to botting money, just you know (: (:

I meant not to reply to such silly accusing but it seems you are editing it everyday so it can be bumped up to public sight…

I appreciate your work keeping eyes on every new member of your current enemy corp on killboard, but not the part you trying to play as a GM.
You joined this forum 1 day ago and left 3 comments: 1. Accusing a new memeber of your enemy corp for botting 2. Leaving a misleading comment on other’s WTS post(Calling overpriced) 3. Calling the upcoming update"trash solution". I hate to presume without good evidence but you are not bring anything positive to this community.

My advise would be: a)Focus on our ingame content which is fun and exciting if your are not playing dirty outgame.
b)Submit tickets to report any suspicious action with EVIDENCE. Character Bazaar is only for trading.


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bought with BOTTING money

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