WTS 72.9M Erebus/Nyx

Eve Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/mikaty_2
72.9M sp

Gal. Titan 5/5
-Doomsday Operation 5/5, Doomsday Rapid Fire 4/5
Gal. Carrier 5/5
-T2 Fighters, Heavy Fighters 5/5

Additional pod with high grade Slave set located in Jita.

Positive: Wallet, Sec Standing
No Kill Rights

Starting bid 75B


76 bil

Starting bid has been met

Highest offer at 4pm EST TZ on 2/25 wins.
No sniping rule for the last 1 hour of auction.

Bid increments of 250M minimum.

Current bid is 76B from Turnschuh4

B/O price of 80B

80B B/O

B/O Offer accepted please send isk and account info.

I haver sent the isk and account info from the character Cornelius Naari

please check your wallet and mail.

Isk and account info received, will start the transfer in 5 min (Paying $$ so no wait for a support ticket)

transfer has been started.


25 Feb 2019 16:07

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method


Account Information



EVE Character transfer




All prices shown in USD

character received.

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