WTS 74 K Char

Hey there,
WTS RIp good char pilot.

Character also comes with some pods.
BID 45 b and BO 60B

  • Mid crystals

Positive wallet, no kill rights, located in Berta. with all jump clones. SEc status -1,13

45 bil

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44 billion

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Thread reopened.

ok bid acceptd

thanks for accepting my offer. before i send you isk, can you please accept my offer with the char ’ Rip-L-Effect’ that is being sold? basically log into that char and post it here that you accept my offer. By the char bazaar rules, I can only send isk to the character being sold. thanks!

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this one ? :wink:

Precisely, you need to state the following:

  1. For Sale
  2. Confirm you accept his ISK offer.
  3. Request that he send you the isk with the desired account name that the character will go to.

yes that char, have her accept my offer and i’ll send the isk to her immediately after that.

FYI, no isk will be sent until “Rip-L-Effect” posts “I accept your offer”. And I will only send isk to “Rip-L-Effect” not your other alt.

i~ll accept your offer

isk and account info sent, please start the transfer process. thanks!

can you please confirm that you’ve received ISK and are attempting to transfer the pilot to the account given to you? if I don’t hear back within 24 hours from this post, I will open a ticket with CCP and report this as a SCAM attempt. thank you!

@Rip-L-Effect you must be really stupid to be scamming on the character bazaar forum. You really think CCP would make it so easy for scammers like yourself to scam billions of isk from other players? well, you thought wrong. see the rules here by CCP:

I will open a ticket with CCP reporting this case. All of your accounts will definitely get banned and my isk will be returned to me. That’s what you’ll get for wasting my time. good luck!!!

Thread closed. Please file a ticket regarding this if you have not already.