WTS Char 74 k Blops/JF/BS

Hey there,
WTS RIp good char pilot.

Character also comes with some pods.
BID 45 b and BO 60B

  • Mid crystals

Positive wallet, no kill rights, located in Berta. with all jump clones. SEc status -1,13

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Be quick and have your character post a message confirming they are indeed for sale.

Your thread will get locked otherwise :roll_eyes:

yes she was

sorry have some issue about network , the transfer was begun today to the details sent to the char. tyvm

sorry tangarchik ru.

This char was sold and be transfered.

@Rip-L-Effect I will close the ticket with CCP and notify them after I receive the character in my account. thank you!

@Rip-L-Effect you said you started the transfer almost 24 hours ago. well, i have not received it. i guess i’ll just tag along and let CCP do what they do best to scammers.

Transfer is up. sorry about all of this my friend

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