WTS 76 Million industrial character

76,317,663skill points
10,000 isk
No Kill Rights
Full set of improved implants
1 Jump Clone in Rens, Hi-Sec
Located in Vellaine Hi-Sec, Docked NPC Station

uthaellizzshe Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

Start bid 20b
Will leave it up until Saturday 18.00 Eve time



36b offer

hi 58b offer

Diosa Roja your bid wins if you would still like to buy then as soon as the isk is transferred i will start the character exchange, i will give you until downtime tomorrow and then it goes back up for auction thanks

ok ISK will be sent within 1 hour

I can’t send you an email. It says I can’t contact you. Please transfer to account: hentai018

Has the transfer started?

Transfer started Thanks

Talk to me if this falls through please