WTS - 76M SP Caldari Carrier / Black Ops

Hi All,

Wanting to sell my main, considering returning, but if I do, ill make something fresh.


Main points.

  • Fly Caldari Carrier/ Dreadnought / Force Auxilary / Jump Freighter
  • Fly Caldari Black Ops and all Recon / Covert Ops ships
  • Fly Command Ships
  • Fly all logistics ships
  • Positive Wallet
  • Positive Sec Status
  • Currently in Q-5211
  • Has a full set of Midgrade Virtue and Prospector Implants.
  • Will wipe implants and reclone back to Todaki if buyer requests.

Had this guy for years and built him up to run around wormhole space or nullsec doing blackops drops. Also used as a fleet anchor for logistics fleets during nullsec battles.

Starting Bid: 60B
BuyOut: 80B

60bil buy out. Isk in hand

63b isk Anytime trade

65b isk

Done. Shoot thru the isk and account name and ill begin the transfer

isk and mail have been sent

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Mail replied too

Transfer initiated

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