WTS 76m SP Supercarrier (6/6 flyable) and Fax Pilot

WTS 76m SP Supercarrier (6/6 flyable) and Fax Pilot
Currently located in highsec
No killrights
NPC Corp
will have no isk

Has TWO high-grade pods
One Amulet Pod
One Nirvana Pod

Can fly any supercarrier!

He is fully trained into Supercarrier and affiliated skills, as well as high skills for Fax.

46 bil b/o

50b offer

51 bil b/o

55b offer

55.5 bil here

58 bil

60B offer

retract …

Going to let this go for another 7 hours or so, if no other offers come in I will accept this.


@FUNNY_HAPPY if you’re interested, I can accept your offer.

Okay, before 6 a.m. this morning, I’ll put money into your account, and I can’t play right now

No rush. Just write here once you’re ready.

isk and account information have been sent

@FUNNY_HAPPY Transfer initiated. o/

I have received the transferred char, thanks a lot! :grinning:

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