WTS 77m SP subcap pilot


Positive wallet
No kill rights
3 Jump clones + the clone he is currently sitting in
Set of +4’s
Remap available
Located in JIta hi-sec

Character has not been played since 2015 and is practically a clean slate.

This is a PLEX transfer sale.

Lets start at 60B and see how the bidding goes, good luck!

60b to start you off


66 bil


67.5 bil



I will end this auction in roughly 24 hours, so bid away. B/O offers also entertained.

Saveritas is the winner of this auction. Please send isk and account name and I will start the transfer :slight_smile:

ISK and account name has been sent :slight_smile: Thanks!

ISK and account name received. Just opened a support ticket for the character transfer, cheers!

Character recieved, thanks for the toon!

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