WTS 74 Mil SubCap PVP Pilot

WTS Me a 74 Mil SP Subcap PVP Pilot,


no Kill rights

i Pay Transfer Fee

Located in High sec,

Positiv Wallet,

Sec Status -0,74

Starting Bid 65B (everything lower i accept as free BUMP)

B/O Hidden

let the Bidding start, min Bid is 0,5B more then last Bid.

Get your PVP Toon soon :slight_smile:

Bump to Top

Still on Market :slight_smile:

60 B …

61 bil

Thank you guys for the Free Bump, Charakter is still in Market.


Thank you too for your free Bump


66 billion

Thank you for The bids, lets se what we will reache at Sunday DT

Bump To The Top

66.5 bil

Thanks for the Offer let se what we will reach :slight_smile:



68b bil

Thanks for the Offer, we reach the point where i cant wait to get the ISK :slight_smile:

Bump to The Top again :slight_smile:

@Nataly_Maken if u still want it send Isk and Account Info for Transfer

No response still for sale :slight_smile: