WTS 74 Mil SubCap PVP Pilot


(Eligostez) #1

WTS Me a 74 Mil SP Subcap PVP Pilot,


no Kill rights

i Pay Transfer Fee

Located in High sec,

Positiv Wallet,

Sec Status -0,74

Starting Bid 65B (everything lower i accept as free BUMP)

B/O Hidden

let the Bidding start, min Bid is 0,5B more then last Bid.

Get your PVP Toon soon :slight_smile:

(Eligostez) #2

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(Eligostez) #3

Still on Market :slight_smile:

:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!
Buying All Toons at the best prices INSTANT ISK :dollar:
(Zorin Firestone) #4

60 B …

(TxivYawg1) #5

61 bil

(Eligostez) #6

Thank you guys for the Free Bump, Charakter is still in Market.

(Saya Origami) #7


(Eligostez) #8

Thank you too for your free Bump

(Shadow OfIntent) #9


(Limited Liability) #10

66 billion

(Eligostez) #11

Thank you for The bids, lets se what we will reache at Sunday DT

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(Nataly Maken) #12

66.5 bil

(Eligostez) #13

Thanks for the Offer let se what we will reach :slight_smile:

(Saya Origami) #14


(RR Enat) #15


(Nataly Maken) #16

68b bil

(Eligostez) #17

Thanks for the Offer, we reach the point where i cant wait to get the ISK :slight_smile:

(Eligostez) #18

Bump to The Top again :slight_smile:

(Eligostez) #19

@Nataly_Maken if u still want it send Isk and Account Info for Transfer

(Eligostez) #20

No response still for sale :slight_smile: