WTS 78m SP Dread pilot

Check in-game to validate sec status and corp until ESI updates

In NPC corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character in high sec
All jump clones in high sec
Jump clones:
High-grade Amulets, 1005 armor implant
Mid-grade Nirvana
Mid-grade Nomads

Skill highlights:
Precursor Dread V
Gallente Dred V
Amarr Dread V
Minmatar Dread V
Blop V

starting price 65b

55 B offer

60b offer

61b Offer

bump, min price not met


62b offer

65b offer

65b in the lead, leaving open over the weekend

accepted, transfer will begin when isk is sent

isk & info sent.

isk received, transfer started

character received. thx.