WTS: Dreadnought Pilot 87,8 m sp

NPC corporaction, high sec location
No kill rights or jump clones
Wallet green
start 60 b


still relevant?

63b for this

64b offer

ok 65 b ?I’m willing to sell to you for 65 b.

how many sp to fit revelation with your toon?

so? 65 go?

65b offer

I’m ready go

65b If accepted, we can start trading now

I accept your bid.

I’m waiting for you.

Please wait for a while, I am preparing, I will contact you after the payment is completed

I think he changed his mind. It’s still relevant. I’m waiting for your bids.

Are you in a hurry? I am selling my materials in exchange for isk, could you keep it for me for a few hours? I will complete the payment within seven hours.

I’m waiting

isk has been paid, the email has been sent

done check

Please let me know the transfer success time displayed on the transfer character screen, I will be very grateful