WTS 13m SP Amarri Interceptor pilot SOLD

(Dread Pirate Huffsalot) #1

Small ship specialist. Advanced planetary interaction, good Angel Cartel standing and positive security. Clones in Ammatar and Angel Cartel space.

8 Billion ISK


(PhantomF HarlockIII) #2

8b isks ready. Please let me know

(Dread Pirate Huffsalot) #3

You got him as soon as I receive payment and transfer instructions

(PhantomF HarlockIII) #4

Im logging right now to send isks to Dread Pirate Huffsalot and account details

(PhantomF HarlockIII) #5

mail sent with account details.

Isks sent (8b). Please confirm here when you complete the procedure on your side. Thanks.

(Dread Pirate Huffsalot) #6

Done, transfer pending

(PhantomF HarlockIII) #7

mail received thanks for your business.

(system) #8

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