WTS 78m sp PvP/PvE well skilled char

password: 777

Perfect for pvp, armor perfect, shield perfect ,ready for battle.:sunglasses:
Security Status -3.22
Positive Wallet
No killrights
Located in jita 4-4
High-grade Crystal set
Mid-grade Slave set

Starting price : 60b
b/o 75b

65 bill offer

66 bil

67 bil

70 bill

73 bil

75 B/O

75.5b b/o


My offer stands only for today.

I agree with your proposal

Awesome I’m a first timer so idk how this works. I have isk ready

I wrote you a private message, please read it. I look forward to hearing from you.

77 BIL

Sent Payment confirm

Sorry it’s too late, I agreed with a man!

isk received

Awaiting Transfer

Character transfer
The character transfer process has begun. Despite the fact that the character is still tied to your account, they can not play.
Character name: Quasi Utama
Time to completion:: 03/05/2019 2:57:09

what timezone is that.