WTS 7m SP Covert Cyno

Located Ane III - Moon 1 - FedMart Warehouse
No Clones
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
No Kill Rights
750k unallocated SP

Starting bid 7b
Buyout 13b

Auction Lasts 3 Days! Ends 03:30 2024.02.23

6bil m

Are you also selling the other toon: Grouch

if yes, any chance u feel like doing a combo? Looking to buy 2 toons

yes i can

did u bid on ur own toon to prop up the price? person who answered yes, is same as previous bid… lol

6.5 bil offer for this toon, combined with Grouch for 7.5 bil

total of 14bil

plz confirm on both msgs for both toons



forgot to switch account buying with my alt Cerentia Easterling, switching now

sending 6.5 bil for purchase to toon right now

money sent

both toons paid for!

You will need my account name: reach me ingame or in discord:
ingame: Kamul Easterling

discord: display: Kamul Easterling

transfer started

character received ty.

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