WTS 8,5M Exhumer Pilot *** SOLD***


Located in Jita
0 security status
0 standings
No Kill Rights
2 remaps availble
accept all ccp rules

7.5 Bil B/O

will pay trancfer fee (non plex)

WTS or WTB? Title seems wrong

im for sale^) thx

6b offer isk ready

if it still relevant for you… I accept your offer

waiting for isk and account name

didn’t get any answer
sale open


daily bump

I’ll beat the 6bil that flaked on you and offer 6.5bil, ISK ready now.

Dear Comic Ozuwara!

I want to buy your lovely exhumer pilot for 6.5 bil
Packs of crsiply ISK bills are waiting for you

I can choose the firstone between 6,5 and 6,5 becouse he was first ^) or someone should offer me more. I’ll dicide today at 17:00 eve time. So if you will be here deal will be quick

btw me already 9m sp. + 75000 anallocated

Let’s make it easy for all participants )

Will buy character for 7.5 bil ISK

Definitely easier ^) i’m waiting for isk and acc name ingame mail

Dear Comic!

My courier delivered bag full of ISKs and ingame mail with transfer contract to your Office.

Dear Boch!
Crispy isks and acc name recieved, trancfer payed and started!

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