SOLD WTS 8.3m SP Exhumer pilot

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Sitting in a 0.0 clone +3 set with yeti 3% ice miner
Remap available
Positive standing

Starting at 6b

BO 9.5b

6b offered

6.5 b offer

7 Beezy

7b noted, Will lower B/O to 8b.


Ending in 24h!


so high bidder wins, or no sell under 8?

You’re winning so far, Will sell.


7B then, ready to send.

Sounds good accepted, 7b from Boutz McCool.

funds and account info sent in game.

ever get that not-so-fresh feeling…

you here my man?

Hey Very sorry, sending char. I have been sick as hell last couple days.

Character has been transfered to Boutz McCool account per ingame evemail.

It happens, thanks for the RE

received, thanks.

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