WTS 8.6 mil sp General Combat Pilot

(Ulfr Hrafnarson) #1


  • Lots of SP in defensive and utility skills.

  • In high sec, Couster system

  • Has a weird medal, due to RvB (previous corp) participating in Alliance Tournament XII top 32

  • No jump clones

  • No kill rights

  • No ISK or items

  • No excessively negative standings

  • Really hasn’t been used for anything, clean character

Looking around the price range of 4 bil

(Ulfr Hrafnarson) #2

Character has been moved to Jita

(Coffee BIack) #3

I’ll do 3.6b ISK right now.

(Red Lola) #4

4 bil here

(Coffee BIack) #5


(Red Lola) #6

5 bil

(Ulfr Hrafnarson) #7

Offer accepted, please send the ISK and your info and I’ll start the transaction!

(Red Lola) #8

isk and info sent

(Ulfr Hrafnarson) #9

Thanks, transfer started!

(system) #10

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