WTS 8.7M SP Gila Pilot . . . SOLD

Crahtu is a good starter character, with good drone, gunnery, and missile skills.
She has +3 and 3% implants.
Can fly Gila!


Positive wallet, no kill rights, no jump clones, located in Hi-sec.

I will pay transfer fee, abiding with the rules.

5B BO or make offer

2 bil

Thank you for the offer, but I must decline.


3.8bil offer

Can you make it 4B? Which is still a good deal.

4B OFFER money ready

Slim dean, I accept your offer of 4B.

Please send me your information and isk ingame. And I will then start the transfer.

Thank you.

Hi slim, is your money ready?

I need to know if you are sincere in your offer.

I am ready wait a hour

isk sent please transfer character to slimdean2003

Thank you, I will begin the transfer process immediately.

Transfer initiated, and fee has been paid.
I am not sure how long it takes for you to get character.
Thanks again.

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