WTS 8.8 mill SP (ice) Orca Pilot

perfect for Ice mining and boosting
11.5 million ISK in wallet
No kill rights
No installed Jump clones
Character location: Bourynes VII - Moon 2 - University of Caille

5/5 ice harvesting
5/5 ice Mining drone
4/5 shield
5/5 mining upgrade
5/5 Mining Foreman
4/5 Mining Director
5/5 Light and medium drone
4/5 heavy drone skills

  • A bunch of random industry / Ore mining skills / Also a cyno pilot

Buyout: 8 billion

Yes I’m being sold

5b, isk ready

Gonna have to decline 5b, a bit too low. Thanks for the offer

I can do 5.2b but thats as high as I can go.

5.6 b


6.5 bil isk ready

7b isk ready

8bn B/O - ISK ready

(Offer retracted)

Well I suppose now we get to see if Atheos Athonille is a man of integrity and honors his original deal of an 8bn buyout.

why would he? If you are selling car and some1 said ill give you 10% extra you wont accept? Lel

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Of course I would, but not at the expense of staying true to my word. Anyway, doesn’t matter what me and your alts think, down to OP.

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Sorry, I’ve been hard at work IRL… once I get home tonight, I’ll be back to take a look again at the forums. Posting on my phone atm

Offer accepted at 8b. I’m home now, but having some connectivity issues. I’ll compete this transaction once I can get into the game.

Hi, and thank you.

8bn ISK transferred to char Zarya Athonille. Account to transfer to in transfer description and also sent an Evemail to char being purchased and your main to confirm.

Transfer completed, thanks :slight_smile:

Great, thank you.

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