WTS 8.8 mill sp miner


8.8 mill sp
0.0 sec status
Clone has +5 improved 1-5
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Located in jita
2 bonus 1 normal remap

Will sell when I see an offer I like.

Offer 7b

Ill take 7 bill curently at work will be back in around 7 hours to start if you still want to.

ISK sent

Going to need your account name to send it to aswell. send to in game to mail

Edit: guess we on diff time zones im at work and cant get on to send character for around 10 hours. Still need account info to be able to aswell. Will as soon as i get that, then I can start when im back.

Sent the ingame mail yesterday with account name

What time was this checked late around 9pm (uk) as said ill start as soon as im home in around 5 hours from now if you are still happy to continue.

Sorry for the delay, I now have isk and account info and I have started the transfer should be with you in around 10 hours. Thank you.

5 bill offer today?

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