WTS 80M Perfect pvp starter Pilot/Links pilot/subcap

WTS Myself, 80M SP. Has alot of the boring stuff trained, and a Ideal start for any aspiring PvP pilot. With a few months of focused spaceship command and gunnery skills in the direction you choose you wont have any issue getting into most subcaps and tight fittings.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/hoodling 13

Unallocated Skill Points 1,785,984 to quickly get into that ship that you want now.
2 Remaps
Clean history
Non existent Zkillboard.

Starting bids 43B


(to get this character into a workable state I need to spend quite a bit in injectors)


have a bid for 38B, Extractor value is 36 or so. Lets keep it going.

38.5 bil

39 and its yours lol @Gravel_Arnst

Isk sent
Acct name Sent

Thank you

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