WTS 80m SP Subcap Combat Pilot


I’m selling myself, all CCP rules apply:

Born 2007.11.11

80,793,903 SP

Can fly Amarr Command Ships, Gallente and Caldari T3

Amarr BS V

Cyno V

Great Boosting Skills

Good Mining Skills

No Killrights

1 Jumpclone located in YZ-LQL

Positive Wallet

Positive Sec Status

Located in HS

Starting bid: 70 B
B/O: 78 B

EvE Board: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Gerald_Saint

68b if intereated isk ready

Daily Bump

70 Bil

Offer Accepted

scam senses tingles …

What? Edit: Nvm I see you got scammed by someone, no I just need the money and I had a few other offers all around the same price. Was only running the auction for 72 hrs.

69b offered

No response from other offer, this offer accepted and supersedes the previous from Valen Ohke

Isk and account info sent.

Transfer started

did you receive character ?

This one yes. Others no.

Im now too scared to buy a character
Too many scammers

Probably all one guy/team to be honest.

Hopefully CCP Bans his whole internet.

Maybe they already did. I heard almost 2 million Russian IPs were banned - although I don’t think that was eve related.

Damn … Thats alot

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