WTS 82.5m SP Nyx pilot - 68b


Character has positive wallet balance and no real assets to speak of.
Character has no kill rights against her or for others.
Character is located in high sec NPC station.
Character is in NPC corporation.
Character has the following implant sets available:


Make me an offer - don’t lowball me, or I’ll scorn you with my eyes and patronize you with a sickly sweet “Thanks but no thanks” :stuck_out_tongue:

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For a quick sale I’d do 70, let me know.

My highest bid is 65B and I can trade now

Appreciate it. Let’s do 68, I can make that work.

Thank you. I can only offer 65b

No worries, I appreciate the offer. I think I can get 68.

68bil,that’s OK

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Accepted. Send payment and I’ll begin transfer in the next hour or so . Thanks!

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Wait - can you confirm if you plan to buy or not, or were you just posting your opinion of the price?

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confirmed buy it,but need tomorrow .
Btw,is it OK for me to contact Yvette Tobooran in game tomorrow?

just convo me ingame is OK that to ensure the isk receiver.

Ok - we can wait for tomorrow. What time (EVE time) do you want to meet? I am USTZ.

oh now is OK I wait online for you here

Sure, I will log in now.

Transfer initiated, thank you!