SOLD || WTS Rorq Pilot 19m SP

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located In High Sec
No Jump Clones
pw 1234

T2 Core

Taking Offers
19B B/O

offer 10 B

12 bil

13 bil

15 bil

I will end sale in 5 hours, to the highest offer at that time.

16 bil


17 bil

I accept your offer of 17b

Send isk and account name, when you have time.

If you are still taking bids I’ll give you 17.5b

I’ll give Starshower 2 more hours to complete deal.
If not, then you will be high bidder.

Ok no worries. I’m
About to head to bed so I’ll check back in the morning.

I am busy now,can’t be in the game.
I insist that my bid is the final offer.
I will complete my transaction within 5 hours.


17 b ready. I sent you a message in the game.


isk sent


16 Apr 2019 02:21

EVE Character transfer

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