Rorq Pilot for sale 23mil SP


I am for sale. See where bidding takes us. PW 123

She’s got 2 bonus remaps. No Kill Rights. 180 isk in her pocket. Located in Jita. No jump clones. She was in NPC corp before this post was made - eve skillboard just takes too long to update apparently.

password plz

Apologies. Forgot there was a pw

ill start bid at 15B

16B B/O

Still for sale. Thanks for starting the bids off.

20B B/O

23 bil.


Please see the above.

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Highest bid so far Temp Kash with 23bil

24 bil.

Highest bid Sheepadeep 24b. Will give it a few more hours for offers to come in.


Are you still for sale?

Still for sale. Highest bid is 24b currently.

24.5bil b\o

25b b/0

Withdrawn i have to get up for work shortly and i dont want to be up all night bidding in 500mil increments

25bil offer accepted. Please send isk and account to send to.


Information and money sent

ISK received and character transfer underway