WTS/WTA - 12.5mil sp 2012 Rorq Pilot + JF & carrier skills injected

Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
Located in high sec
Isk will go to this char as per rules

8b b/o

Online, taking offers, keen to sell tonight.


Messy skill planning, my price 2b

This is not an opinion forum, you furthermore have no idea what you are talking about. Go troll somewhere else.

Imagine signing up for eve forums just to shitpost. Post history of one, im honored.

Would 5b be ok?

How about 6B?

Raising to 6.5B

Retracting my bid as I bought another character … Thanks

Still for sale, online now.

7b offer

I offer 7.5 billion ISK

No response from above buyer, char still available.

Happy to do 7.5

ok 7.5b

Sure, isk to this char please, ill start transfer.

isk and account info sent

Received, thank you. Starting transfer.

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