WTS 83m sp

Positive wallet
Positive sec status
Npc corp
High sec Jita
Start price 60b
No remap

there may be delays in the transfer during the purchase, as the transfer will take place through technical support. The reason for this is that the payment services do not work in Russia

Ki11er Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

the website showed“ Not your character to view…”

Check again

still can’t see it

another site added


In mind

62b offer


65b bid



today, before the scheduled restart, I will accept the highest price

I accept your bet

isk and mail sent

I wrote to ccp they will transfer the character soon

ticket #2144116 if you need to

ok, but where can I check this? cause I can only see my own request in help center

you can write your request in which you contacted the support service to write this ticket #2144116 so that they can verify the authenticity and attach the sale post and that’s it, I think they will quickly cope with it

character received, thx