WTS 85 M SP universal toon: Archon, Paladin pilot


Perfect pilot for all kinds of Amarr ships, including carrier and dreadnought, but also a good pilot for other races.

Covert OPS pefect
Marauders III

19 ships skins are attached

Character info:
sec.status 4.92
wallet 100 ml
No jump clones or kill rights
Location: currently in nul sec, can be moved to high sec if required
Dropped into npc corp according to bazaar rules

Starting bid: 65 bil

65 bill

71 bil

72 bill

73 bil

74 bil

74.5 bil

76 bil

Give me 77 and I am good to sell to you

76 is kinda my breaking point

Alright, 76 is also fine for me, when do you want to make a deal?

Should I wait for you? why are you not anwering? Or maybe there is someone else who wants to give 76 bil?

i accept
confirm from your side and i will transfer isk

I accept your 76 bil offer

isk sent

dude when will you initiate the transfer?

API is revoked… you might be looking at a scam ?!

yeah probably will open a ticket tommorow

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