WTS 86M SP Caldari/Gallente Pilot

Character sheet

Has 1,523,736 SP unallocated

1 remap available

In NPC Corp

Positive wallet 785,014 ISK

No Kill rights

Located in High Sec in Hek

2 Jump Clones
1 in Isikemi
1 in Nikkishina

Make an offer




Offer Accepted Huxible contacting in Game

No word from Huxible in 4 hours so still for sale and am online now for quick sale hoping for 65 bil

I could offer you 50 bil now I can’t rat fast enough to reach 65

Will do 63 B or you can wait for your higher offer to appear, which is the best course of action you should take

ok if i don’t see 1 in next 10 minutes its yours Jacks

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It"s yours, Riperd Jacks, I’m online in game now if you want to complete transaction

Contacted you in-game. Sending ISK and account name

Isk and account name sent

This auction is closed toon transfered

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