Wts 86mil sp toon

@ISD_FlowingSpice you might want to ask a GM to check the characters skill points as they have disabled the API which is linked to the eveboard link in the original post…

It says the API last updated 4d ago - very convenient.

73 billion

75 ok?

Meet you half way. 74 billion.


Holding at 74 billion. ISK ready, let’s do this deal!

I m at null sec now

Edit: Please move the character to hisec. Offer of 74 billion stands.

API updated

75bil (feel free to contact Big Pops in game, im in AUTZ so sometimes miss out on responding in time due to timezone differences)

I will be willing to buy the toon located anywhere, including nullsec

Will you do 80b?


80b plz

sorry that’s too high

78B good?

Sorry, last offer 77.5b. Also I see your toon is still not in a NPC corp so will not be transfering isk unless you’re already following all the rules as per character Bazaar.

Free feel to contact me in game, I will probably be offline for the next 12 hours or so.

Ok deal?

Deal. Please be in an NPC corp though.

feel free to evemail Big Pops in game once you’re in npc corp and ready to transfer, and I will send isk and info

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