WTS 87m sp titan/Supercarrier/JP/fax pilot

Positive wallet
Standings positive
No kill rights
NPC Corp
No jump clone
Start price 75B B/O 90B


76b go

I will wait for the highest price in 4 hours to arrive

77b for 1 hour

I need to get some rest soon, maybe you can tell me how much you want now so we can just make a deal? :thinking:

80b show we?

how about 78.5b and we can make a char transfer now (I am CheeseHeat)

do it

reply confirm to me and send ingame mail

send now

isk sent, plz start char thansfer


Haven’t seen the email of start the transfer yet :face_with_spiral_eyes:

paypal cant sent money for 20dallor waiting

ok just let me know when it start

I found the reason why the available balance and balance are different - it’s amazing

char received, thanks