WTS 88m Perfect Perfect Perfect Avatar Pilot! SOLD


Perfect Avatar pilot.
Skill Points: 88,104,762
Amarr Titan V
Doomsday Operation V
Doomsday Rapid Firing V
Capital Beam Laser Specialization V
Capital Pulse Laser Specialization V
Jump Portal Generation V
All Necessary Armor Skills V
Armor Rigging V
Excellent Engineering Skills (Almost all V)
Excellent Navigation Skills(Almost all V,including JDC,JFC,JDO V)
Cloaking V

Full set High-grade Amulet implant(worth 6.8B)
Positive sec status, nice name
Quite a few Avatar skins plugged in too.

Positive wallet. Located in HiSec.

Bids start at 70b
Buy out: 87b

All CCP rules apply.

65 bil

Bump Bump

Daily Bump

Daily Bump


Daily Bump

offerring 76B

80B and we can make a deal


Still for sale

Daily Bump

65 bil

66B ready now

68 bil


70 bil

75 bil

75B Accepted,Wait for Isk and account name

isk and account info sent