WTS 89Msp Nyx,Aeon Pilot

locate at jita
positive wallet
Sec status 2.6
High-Amulet Implant set
Can board Nyx and Aeon
No Kill rights

Unable to view your skills


stard bid?

stating bit 50B

55b offer

60B offer

@Visions_World - This character must be in an NPC corporation. If this is not resolved in 24 hours, the thread will be locked.

Ref: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

B. Before making your thread

  1. The character being sold must be in an NPC corporation at the time of posting, and for the entire duration of the sale/auction thread being active.

Character is now NPC corp.

62 bil b/o

You can get over 70B just to make a skill injector.

65b offer

66 bil

70b b/o


I will pay the transfer fee.

70B B/O

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