WTS 9.1 mil Trader/Indy Starter


(Sororin Yassavi) #1

Good starter pilot


2.4 mil SP in spaceship command
1.6 mil SP in trade
1 mil SP in production

Can fly: Travelceptors, mining barges (T2 strip miners), transport ships
Has injected freighter (Amarr/Caldari/ORE), carrier, and jump skills

Character is in high sec. Positive wallet, positive sec status. No killrights. 1 remap.

Make an offer here or ingame

(Absolute Truth) #2

5.5b offered

(Marie Sky) #3

6.5 b/o
Shoot me a mail

(Sororin Yassavi) #4

6.5 bil B/O accepted. Mail sent

(Marie Sky) #5

Logging in now and will give account name and isk etc.

(Sororin Yassavi) #6

ISK received. Initiating transfer

(Sororin Yassavi) #7

Transfer initiated

(system) #8

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