WTS 90 ml sp pilot (one day auction) b/o 55 bil

Hello, I would like to sell my toon


Sec status 5.0
Positive wallet
Location: Jita
No jump clones
Home station: Amarr

B/o 55 bil

If you post to confirm I will pay 55b tonight.

56 bil

56 confirmed.

Sorry mate, I had a better bid just now

Feel free to send me isk and acocunt info

Please, JeanLuc VanDyk confirm.

I confirmed already

You are Vill Hemah, not JeanLuc VanDyk.

my bad

56 confirmed.

Thanks, I need few minutes, then i will send isk and account info.

ISK and account info sent.

Ok, received. I ll initiate transfer in few hours

What happened ? I can not see the transfer!

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