WTS 90mil SP Super/FAX/Blops pilot

WTS this character - Babyshka Vera

Skill Points - 88,708,336
Unallocated skill points - 924,000
Remaps available - 1

Skills include…
Capital Ships V
Gallente Carrier V
Amarr Carrier V
Fighters V
Light Fighters V
Heavy Fighters V
Support Fighters V
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V
Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems V
Black Ops V
Jump Drive Calibration V

Located in Jita, comes with high grade amulet clone.

Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
In NPC corp.

Starting Bid - 60bil
Buy Out - 90bil (open to offers)

Confirming I am for sale.

I’ll start the show off with 70b isk

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