Wts 91.7 m sp hel pilot

  • Minmatar Carrier V
  • Marauders V
  • HAC V

NPC corporaction, high sec location
No kill rights or jump clones
Wallet green

BO: 85 bil


63B .

64b .

65 bi

68 B.

Thats not what I am looking for, continue bidding pls, my friends.

still waiting for a decent offer

Dont forget about me, I am still for sale

69 B.

Do you mind giving me 80 bil for the char?

You can transfer money immediately

The pilot has got 91.7m SP currently. I am looking to get 80 bil.

75 B.

Add 5b to your offer and we have a deal

80 bo is still valid

bump for this awesome toon!

still for sale!

don’t go away telling offer in 5 mins checking skills

72bil jdc v missing and super mastery is not even 1

already have 75b offer