WTS 93 M SP Aeon, Paladin, Hulk, Rorqual, Mining ,production


  • Free SP 535,120K
  • No killrights
  • Positive wallet
  • Remaps Available
  • Located in jita 4-4
  • 4 research agent
  1. High Energy Physics* 51.990,85 50,40 3 Dunraelare V - Moon 1 - Duvolle Laboratories
  2. Plasma Physics*	69.045,45	68,60	        4	Fricoure VIII - Moon 3 - Duvolle Laboratories

3, High Energy Physics* 68.283,19 89,60 4 Alentene V - Moon 4 - Duvolle Laboratories
4. Gallente Starship Engineering* 68.282,04 89,60 4 Ainaille VII - Moon 5 - Duvolle

Sisters of EVE
Federal Intelligence Office* 170432
CONCORD* 62643

  • Stating Price 80b

All character bazaar rules apply and I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

I pay the transfer fees.

80 bil

Thanks for the bid, auction will run until Sunday night

81 bil

81.5 bil

Sold to Maizie, price agreed upon in game.

Confirming the purchase, ISK and account information has been sent!

We are in the process of editing the transfer. Until the process is completed, the character to be transferred will remain in your account but will not be playable during that time.

Character name: varkil

Will be finished in: 09.03.2019 15:10:57

If you did not initiate this character transfer, please write a petition to our customer service.

Transfer confirmed, thanks varkil

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