WTS / 95459827 - Skill Points Pilot ( Nyx , Thanatos, Ninazu, Rorqual, Anshar and more, more....)

Wallet is positive, NPC corp, located in highsec, no kill rights, secutity status is positive.

Nyx , Thanatos , Ninazu , Rorqual , jump freighter Anshar
Orca perfect,
Fleet mining boost perfect,
Obelisk perfect,
Amar T2 transport ( Prorator & Impel ) - perfect.
Gallente T2 transport ( Occator & Viator ) - perfect.
Mining barges perfect…
Scanning perfect ( “Helios” ),
Planetary perfect (Command Center Upgrades 5 , Interplanetary Consolidation 5 )
Gas Cloud Harvesting 5 , Ice Harvesting 5, Ice Processing 5, Industrial Reconfiguration 5, Reprocessing, Reprocessing Efficiency and Salvaging - all 5…

Eveskillboard, full information.


2strong text

contacted in-game

okey im wait in game…

Agreed to buy on terms specified in-game


isk and account name sent

I paid, everything is fine

CCP mail received. Thanks!

deal )

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