WTS 96M Subcap PVP Main with good KB and corp history


Decided I want to liquidate some characters due to lack of time to commit to EVE anymore. This thread is for my main PVP-oriented character. Going to use the isk to inject a few highsec ganking alts and have fun with my limited time there instead.

Wallet is positive and it has a few bil in jumpclones and another few bil in random assets spread around the universe that I can’t be arsed to liquidate.

Corp history / pvp reputation is pretty good when you are aware of the small gang groups back in the day:

Injector profit with current market prices is sitting at roughly 70B so I’m looking for at at least 85B to offset the hassle.

Buyout at 100B. Happy bidding!

@Fritz_Bratwurst please re-check your SkillQ link share settings, with an incognito browser. If this is not resoled in the next 24 hours, this thread will be locked.

@ISD_Traindriver Sorry, I didn’t know I still had to make a share. Made one just now.

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80b is offered.

Buyout lowered to 100b.

81b bid

85b b/o and itll be used as a main and not just extracted/biomassed

86 bid

87 bid

88 bid

89 bid

90 bid

If there’s no more offers in 24 hours from now I’ll take you up on this offer.

seems no more higher bid dont we

24h has passed and no higher bid,shall we start?Isk is ready.

Sold to you good sir. Its my first time selling a character so I will read up on the process that follows and DM you when I’m good to go. Should be online and ready in like 6 hours from now.

90b isk has been sent to Fritz Bratwurst,account info is in mail,plz check

Transfer is completed to the account provided through in-game evemail. Thank you @Vpier3 enjoy the character!