WTS 98.5m sp combat character


Has nice gunnery skills. Perfect G,M dreads pilot. All bs level 5 incluiding Prucursor bs.
Got a mid/crystal set pod in Jita station.

Start bidding 90b

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Contacted in-game.


94 bil

thanks for your offer, I´ll wait a bit more to end the bid.

Contacted in-game

Replied in game:D

96 bil


Thanks for your offer. I probably can’t get online until Friday night because of RL work. So, I’d like to close the bidding on Saturday DT. You will get the char with 97B if no higher bidder appears.

sorry cancel my bid

As zammel has cancelled his bid, I’d like to accept yours with 96B. Please reply this if you are still interested :smiley:

As Laughing Geass is not answering atm, I’d like to extend the bid. He can still have the character once he confirms his bid and no higher buyer appears.

still for sale?

Cancel my offer, sorry

96 Billion ISK right here

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