WTS 19.9mil SP Secondary combat character


Starting bid: 10bil
Buyout: 16bil

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
No installed jump clones
Located in Jita 4-4

12.5 bil

Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

13 b offer

Daily bump :grinning:

One more bump

One last bump

Auction over. Artis Talvanen is the winner at 13bil. Waiting for contact

12b as i see no action but am interested

12.5 is my offer

Well seeing as I can’t make contact with anyone else that has made an offer here Ripped Soul currently has the highest bid so will try to contact in game.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I can go 13 bil if still available.

Isk Sent, waiting on character transfer, in game mail sent.

ISK received and character transfer begun