WTS: 99M SP Born 2012

99M SP - 2012 Character +ve wallet, 2 Clones, 1 with STD Augments, 1 with Improved, both in same High Sec Station. Skills include high Mining, Exploring, PI, Trade, Processing. Minmatar/Caldari focus. Solid missile, gunnery and drone skills. Flies safe in all territories. Drives Minmatar, Caldari & Gallente Battleships, Golem, Vargur, Orca, Rorqual, Obelisk, Charon, Exhumers etc

Locale - Hek VIII - Moon 12 - Boundless Creation Factory
No Kill Rights
Neural Remap Available Now
Bonus Remaps Available: 2

QSNA Profile: Quantum Anomaly

Min Bid: 75B
Buy Out: 95B

70B offer

75B here

Thank you, looking for higher

80B ready… nice skills marauders missing but its workable

Thank you Vit773 - 80B accepted

Buyer Unresponsive. Offers re-open at 12:00 EVE/UTC

76B ok?

Thank you but he’s pissed me off so much my new low is 85B. Happy to close on that

Sorry you said accepted as an offer not confirmed… Can we close a deal at 80B?

My bad if I didn’t understand the terms. Yes, we can close at the original 80B

OK. Flying to trade station to sell Plex to ISK will send you ISK and name via EVE mail


Buddy the market is sleepy it might take 1-2-3 hours to sell PLEX to ISK. Im interested to do it ASAP

It’s fine, take your time, we’ll come back to it in 12 hours and see how you’re doing.

Sent ISK and account name thx

OK, character transfer started

Character recieved. Thank you!!

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