WTA Me 9.925 mil sp

almost 10 mil sp toon at 9.925 mil sp, skills are slightly higher than stated on eve skills for some reason
I pay transfer fee
isk to me please
positive sec and wallet.
no kill rights
never been on a corp and will be in high sec near Dodixie
1 JC with +3
main clone with +4s
leveled skillset so it takes the same amount of time to train most skills
2 remaps plus bonus?
starting point will be 6 bil with 500 mil increments minimum please.
I will run till this sunday I reserve the right to cancel before transfer by refunding any paid isk.

Ill do 6.5 as a first and final.


if no one offers more by tomorrow morning its yours

Ive changed my mind, ill do 7.2 but only valid for until i go to bed soonish.


Accepted, please send the isk and the account name for transfer

isk & account sent.

isk received and character transfer initiated.


Received, thx.

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