WTS 99M SP - Hel, JF, Rorqual, Machariel / Allround Pilot


WTS my Char: http://eveboard.com/pilot/madraxx
Skillpoints: 99.000.000

Location: Tartoken / 0.1 Lowsec
High End Imps for perfect Machariel
3 other Clons in 0.0

  • Positive wallet
  • Positive sec status
  • no killrights


Fuel, Jump Drive Calibration, Jump Fuel Conservation and Jump Drive Operation on 5

HEL Pilot
Naglfar Pilot
Jumpfreighter: Nomad
Perfect Machariel Skills
Mining Ships
industrial Skills

Start BID: 83B
BO: 89B

84 billion

84.5 bil


89b , but can you wait me for 9:00 pm tomorrow(UTC -05:00), for transfer money and isk? I will mail you ingame as soon as I finish transfer and selling plex.

its ok. i am online 9pm.


I already send a mail in game, pls return asap and I can transfer the money to you. Thanks.

char recieve,I forgot to tell you yesterday lol, thanks

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